‘Considerable Uncertainty’ Surrounds ETH 2.0, Says Fund Manager


According to a fund manager, the upcoming and much-anticipated ETH 2.0 may not positively affect the Ethereum network as much as expected.

While there is a lot of excitement within the crypto community, not everyone is excited. Crypto hedge fund and financial advisory firm, The Spartan Group’s Kelvin Koh, has said that the company is still very unsure about the new Ethereum upgrade. In a recent tweet, in response to a question pitching BTC and ETH against each other, Koh said:

[At the moment] I am more bullish on $BTC. [The Spartan Group is] observing the ETH 2.0 transition closely to understand the crypto economic implications and impact on $ETH price. At  some point, we may turn more bullish on $ETH. It is a big event but at the moment there is considerable uncertainty.”

Last year, Ethereum announced plans to launch a new network upgrade – Ethereum 2.0. The upgrade would solve all technical problems on the network and also boost transaction speed. 

Other analysts however believe differently. Professor and crypto, VC Adam Cochran, believes Ethereum 2.0 will positively cause “society’s largest economic shift.” To back his claim, Cochran cited among others that the introduction of Proof of Stake will significantly cut down ETH’s inflation rate.

Regardless, experts believe Ethereum 2.0 might not launch anytime soon. 

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