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Use these Top 5 Tools to Enhance Your Research for Crypto


  • Compilation of top 5 tools that every successful trader uses
  • Tools to enhance your research for smart trading

When you ask the top investors the secret behind their success the most common answer you might receive is plenty of research and educated guesses. They do not copy other investors;, they rely on their own research and earn profit as an outcome of their hard work. But unfortunately the market forof cryptocurrency is infant and hence it can be very challenging to find publicly accessible market data to overcome this problem. We have compiled Top 5 cCrypto research tools that every investor can use to enhance his research and eventually increase the profit.

Top 5 tools to enhance your research

Advanced trending charts with technical indicators. If you want to pass the exam of becoming a good investor with flying colours then technical analysis is the thing you should be eager to learn. With the help of advanced candlestick trading charts and built in technical indicators. You can analyse the charts more easily than ever and get ahead of the crowd. You can also annotate the charts and draw the indicators for better technical analysis. The best websites you can use for these tasks are listed below.

TradingView is the most popular website for analysing charts for the sharemarket. It is always the traders first choice when it comes to technical analysis but now it also has a huge collection of 740 cryptocurrencies which you can analyse and the best part is it’s free. If you want every cryptocurrency present on the market then Coinigy is something built for you; it has a colossal collection of 5000+ cryptocurrencies. The only downpoint of this website is it’s not free; you will have to pay a subscription of $18.66 per month.

Using Chainalysis. It is an American blockchain analysis firm headquartered in New York City Michael Gronager is its founder. Its work is to offer compliance and investigation software to analyse the blockchain public ledger, and it is primarily working in the field of tracking crypto currencies. In their market section, you can access the coverage of bitcoin flows and understand its movement more immersively.

Financial metrics Crypto Metrics are basically a tool with the help of which you can understand the trustability and behaviour of all the cryptocurrencies. It basically has a long list of different numbers that you can utilise the behaviour of different numbers. With the help of which you can determine what crypto currency to buy, which to sell and which to hold. The most common crypto metrics are mMarket capitalization, fFunding rates, oOpen interest, eExchange flows,and rRealized cCap.

Market Trackers If you want real time price updates, historical performance data, trade volume or the important statistics then Market Tracker is something built just for you.These websites not only provides you with the useful insights of currency’s current state but also a detailed review ofabout its past also with the help of which you can estimate its future trends some of the most useful websites for this task are marketwatch, Coinmarketcap and Livecoinwatch.


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