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Apple and The Metaverse: What’s The Mystery Behind Them?


  • With the launch of Apple Vision Pro, Apple made a clear move towards the linkage of the digital and physical worlds. 
  • Now, the next question is whether there are any metaverse plans from Apple’s side to interrupt the global digital industry.

According to a report by Fortune Business Insights, the global metaverse market size will grow from $416.02 Billion in 2023 to $3,409.29 Billion by 2027. Now the stats show us that Metaverse will become a big industry in the near future. If it does, many prominent players will try to lead this industry.

If we look at the current scenario, then Facebook will be at the top, as it has played a significant role in the development of these virtual worlds. Its motto is always to connect people in a digital world. Now, with the launch of Apple Vision Pro, Apple has also made a significant step in connecting the physical world to the digital world.  

So, the main question arises is Apple on the way to making a significant move in the metaverse industry? 

Apple and Metaverse: Till Date

We all know that Apple may be a major company within the innovation industry. Similarly, we have seen a few truths and figures with respect to the Metaverse.

Now the launch of Virtual Reality Headsets by the big giant has doubted the mainstream about the future steps of Apple. 

If Metaverse is a fighting ring, then Google Glass, Facebook’s Meta, and Apple’s Vision Pro are the fighters. These three companies are trying to gain dominance in the Metaverse industry. Now, it’s important to see who will gain dominance in the near future.

Is the metaverse the future?

Directly speaking, the metaverse is not the future, as the metaverse is far from what we understand right now. It is somewhat different from how Meta portrays it. It is way more than the virtual world. However, what the future will be is not defined, but it has way more potential than it has to date. 

Is Apple Taking a Significant Step in the Metaverse? 

Well, with the launch of the VR headset, we can’t say that there is some connection between the company and the metaverse industry. Also, from a news report, it is seen that Apple will make a significant step towards what is called AI to gain dominance. So, we can’t say that Apple has made a significant step in the Metaverse. 

In expansion, there are parts of companies that will compete with Apple. So everything depends on what will happen in the future. Well, we can just sit and enjoy the Vision Pro by it and enter the virtual world. 


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