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Banana Gun Holders Rush to Sell as Bitbot Announces $100K Airdrop


After securing 50x gains for presale backers, Banana Gun’s time in the sun might be drawing to a close. There’s a new competitor in town, one with a stronger product, over 100k+ supporters in its community, the potential to surpass Banana Gun’s 50x, and a $100k crypto airdrop on the way: Bitbot

Billed as the world’s most secure Telegram trading bot, Bitbot is storming ahead in its presale having raised over $1.1m. But what gives it an edge over Banana Gun? And why could it dominate the Telegram trading bot market and become the trading bot token to invest in for exponential gains this year? Let’s find out.

Bitbot’s epic growth story: From zero to hero

In the wake of Bitcoin hitting new all-time highs, there’s been a tidal wave of enthusiasm surging through the crypto world, especially around Telegram trading bots. 

Designed to streamline access to decentralized exchanges using cutting-edge trading tools right within Telegram’s app, these bots have exploded to a whopping $8 billion+ in trading volume since September 2023. Just in January and February 2024 alone, they raked in almost $3 billion in volume, averaging daily volumes of $82 million. Clearly, these are tools the market wants.

Yet this industry has skidded on security concerns. Maestro and Unibot users lost over $1 million in ETH, with the UNIBOT token’s price plummeting 40% in an hour after the hack was made public. This begs the question: how big would the Telegram trading bot market’s numbers be if its major players had practiced better security measures?

Bitbot aims to answer that question by offering the security features all Telegram trading bots currently lack, which would’ve prevented the aforementioned cyber issues. It’s hailed as the world’s first non-custodial trading bot, giving users complete ownership over their assets.

And with its $1.1m raised and a $100k crypto airdrop recently announced, investors are eyeing this project as a contender to both dominate and grow the Telegram trading bot market. Since the market is still new and has only a few real players, its $1 billion+ valuation could be just the start, with BITBOT holders potentially grabbing a large chunk of it.  

What makes Bitbot such a great investment?

Bitbot’s non-custodial setup means that funds only transfer when trades are complete, with zero need to be held by the trading platform, setting it head and shoulders above its competitors. 

Also, Bitbot’s anti-MEV and anti-rug solutions are designed to thwart bots set on inflating transaction costs and block scam projects, creating a safer trading environment for everyone involved. The latter of the two would’ve come in handy for Banana Gun, a project whose value was initially decimated by a suspected rug pull; hence the investor interest in Bitbot.

Bitbot’s Alpha List (for BITBOT token holders only) and sniping features allow users to swoop in early on undervalued gems, ensuring trades are executed at the right moment, capturing gains before the crowd catches on. Both features help Bitbot piggyback on an AI sector that’s roughly doubled to $40+ billion this year. This bodes well for BITBOT investors, as it gives them another strong market force for their investment to ride.

Two extra benefits are revenue sharing and a referral scheme that not only offers BITBOT holders up to a 50% share in the platform’s daily revenues but also a 15% lifetime reward from their referrals’ trades. This boost to community strength via the referral scheme and the offer of quick gains gives the BITBOT token both short and long-term potential. 

This trifecta of profit opportunities—market growth, passive income from revenue sharing, and early bird trading advantages—paints a picture of a remarkable investment opportunity. So much so that investors are dropping rival project Banana Gun’s BANANA in anticipation of potential sky-high returns.


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