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Bank of America Corporation (BAC) Analysis and Prediction


One of the biggest financial institutions in the USA is Bank of America. It has a very lengthy history that dates back to 1904 and has continued to develop in response to client demands. Additionally, they have a reputation for providing personal banking customers with excellent service. To give their customers the finest service possible, they also have a huge network of branches and ATMs spread out over the nation.

One of the top financial organizations in the world, BAC offers a broad variety of banking, investment management, and other financial and risk management products and services to individuals, small- and middle-market enterprises, major corporations, and governments.

A bank and financial holding corporation, Bank of America Corp. offers both banking and nonbank financial services. It functions through the following divisions: Consumer banking, international markets, international banking, international wealth management, and all others. The Consumer Banking section provides consumers and small businesses with credit, banking, and investment products and services. Through a network of financial advisors dedicated to meeting customer needs through a broad range of investment management, brokerage, banking, and retirement solutions, Global Wealth and Investment Management offers client experience.

A financial holding company that offers both banking and nonbank financial services, Bank of America Corp. is a bank. The following segments make up how it functions: Consumer banking, international markets, international wealth management, international banking, and all others. 

Small businesses and consumers can obtain credit, banking, and investment services from the Consumer Banking category. A network of financial advisors at Global Wealth and Investment Management offers clients a range of investment management, brokerage, banking, and retirement products to satisfy their needs.


The price of Bank of America shares is currently $ 28.51, declining -0.87% over the previous 24 hours. On the NYSE New York platform, BAC traded hands for $ 28.96M during the same time frame.

The most recent closing for BAC shares was $ 28.28, while the prior price was $ 28.51.

In the previous month, the price of Bank Of America stock dropped by -2.60%. In addition, the price of BAC shares rose by 2.50% over the previous three months and fell by -10.47% over the previous year.

The price of BAC is currently trading 48.25% below the all-time high of $55.08 that the Bank of America stock attained on November 20, 2006.

Our BAC historical prices statistics show that since 2005, the price of Bank of America stock has dropped by 16.16%.

Recent quarterly earnings from Bank of America were stronger than anticipated. When compared to the predicted revenue of $25.13 billion, BofA’s revenue is close to $26.39 billion. According to Bank of America, their revenue jumped by 13% while their net income rose by 15% from the previous year. The company’s sales and trading revenue have also increased by 7%.BAC is reportedly spending a lot on buybacks, yet its stock has been continuously falling, according to analyst Dick Bove.


A bearish signal is present at this time since BAC stock is trading below the 200-day simple moving average (SMA). Additionally, a bullish indicator, is the price of Bank of America shares is trading above the 50-day SMA. 

RSI: A famous market momentum indicator called the Relative Strength Index (RSI) is currently at 45.2163, which indicates that the price of BAC is fluctuating in neutral territory. Overall, for the BAC stock, 2 technical analysis indicators indicate bullish activity, and 24 indicate bearish activity.

The price of Bank Of America stock is expected to rise by 0.03% during the next five days, reaching $ 28.51 on July 15, 2023, according to the technical indications discussed above.

Bank of America Corporation (BAC) Analysis and Prediction
Source: By Tradingview

Will the BAC Stock Price Soon Cross the $32 Mark?

The price of Bank of America’s stock shows a strong upward trend on a weekly technical chart. Its price is showing a consolidated trend on the daily chart. The price of BAC stock is currently close to $29.4 and has slightly increased during the intraday session. Near $32, the upward trend of the BAC stock price may come to an end. The asset price is now supported at around $27. The price of the stock is currently below both the 50 and 100 Daily Moving Averages. A negative crossing will cause the price to drop to a new low.


The median price objective among the 23 analysts. Who are providing 12-month price forecasts for Bank of America Corp. is 35.00, with high and low estimates of 49.00 and 28.00 respectively. From the most recent price of 28.54, the median estimate reflects a gain of +22.63%.

2025 Stock Prediction for Bank of America

The current price of the BAC stock forecast for 2025 is $ 36.25. Assuming that the company’s shares will increase at the same average annual rate as they did over the previous ten years. The price of BAC stock would increase by 27.18% as a result.

2030 Prediction for Bank of America Stock

If the Bank of America stock grows at its current 10-year average pace through 2030, it will reach $66.13. BAC stock will increase 132.00% from its present price if this BAC stock prediction for 2030 comes true.


  The most recent quarterly results for Bank of America exceeded everyone’s expectations. Although BAC stock is now battling for upside, it may soon reach a new high.


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