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Best crypto payment gateway to accept crypto payments on the site.


Introducing an innovative solution for decentralized cryptocurrency transactions – BconGlobal. This cutting-edge platform offers a non-custodial peer-to-peer crypto gateway, transforming the payment process by seamlessly directing funds from your website straight to your wallet. With BconGlobal’s API, security and efficiency are paramount. By eliminating the need for third-party custody, BconGlobal empowers users to link their wallets directly to their projects, facilitating direct peer-to-peer payments for goods and services. Transactions occur seamlessly between buyer and seller wallets, ensuring transparency and security throughout the process. At its core, BconGlobal operates as a trusted intermediary, providing transaction monitoring, notifications, and comprehensive statistics within users’ accounts, while safeguarding their funds in their personal wallets. 

Explore the possibilities with BconGlobal’s API: [Link to API](https://bcon.global/integrations/api/)

Key Features:

⦁ A secure crypto payment ecosystem that accommodates Bitcoin and BNB (BEP-20, BSC chain).

⦁ Your wallet’s private keys are not required.

⦁ Experience instant setup without the hassle of KYC, checks, or holds.

⦁ Benefit from minimal commission fees, just 1% of the transaction amount.

⦁ Seamlessly compatible with a variety of wallets, such as blockchain.com, electrum, ledger, trezor, metamask, rabby wallet, exodus, wasabi, and more.

⦁ Facilitate peer-to-peer transactions that directly deposit funds into the seller’s crypto wallet.

⦁ Access pre-built plugins tailored for WordPress and Opencart platforms.

How it works:

  1. Share your wallet address and integrate your project with the Bcon service.
  2. Buyers utilize the payment form to transfer funds directly to YOUR wallet (Electrum, Exodus, Metamask, etc.).
  3. The Bcon service actively monitors and notifies you about the success of the payment. Since the service doesn’t access your wallets, you independently cover the commission by topping up your profile balance on the dashboard.

    Connecting to the service is quite straightforward. To create an account, you only need an email and a password.

Afterward, you can connect your store, either by downloading a plugin for Opencart or WordPress, or by using the API. When connecting, you’ll need to specify the wallet address (for BTC – xpub, public key) where the funds will be received, as well as a callback script to receive notifications about the payment status. When connecting via plugin, the callback is generated automatically. For BNB, it’s even simpler; you only need to specify the wallet address where the funds will be received.

Even with plugin installation, the entire setup takes no more than 5 minutes.

In the screenshots, you can see that the invoices display the exact wallets you’re connecting.

The service will track all your transactions and generate convenient statistics for you in your personal account. If you have multiple stores, you can easily group statistics by any criteria and export them to .csv, .xls, etc. Furthermore, the service will show you real-time exchange rate differences between receiving funds and the current moment, and visually represent this as a user-friendly graph.

Service Fee

The platform applies a 1% fee on transactions processed via its API. Given its non-custodial nature, the service lacks the capability to deduct this fee directly from your transaction; instead, it’s debited from your account balance. To replenish the account balance, a separate payment is made to the service wallet, from which commissions are subtracted. Should you wish to withdraw any remaining balance, you can do so by reaching out to support through the ticketing system.

Integrating Crypto Payments with BconGlobal:

Whether you’re using ready-made plugins for eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce or OpenCart (link to plugins:https://bcon.global/integrations/plugins-for-ecommerce/) or creating a customized solution with our adaptable API, integrating your wallets couldn’t be easier through your dedicated account on our platform. No need for private keys or access keys, guaranteeing a smooth and secure transaction process. BconGlobal enables businesses to effortlessly adopt the future of cryptocurrency payments.



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