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Bitcoin Improvement Proposal(BIP): an open-source system 


  • The Bitcoin improvement proposal is a conventional proposal to change Bitcoin. 
  • BIPscan makes changes to Bitcoin’s consensus layer, community dn other improvements.
  • BIPs improvement proposals were created before bitcoins were launched.  

Bitcoin improvement proposal 

Bitcoin is a formal process used by the Bitcoin community in order to propose idea, suggests changes, and makes improvements to Bitcoin. 

And it comes under one category of the three which is consensus BIP, standard BIPs, and process BIPs. 

BIPs as a piece of software are always undergoing upgrades problems need to fix, and the algorithm can be more efficient, cades can be made easier, and new features can be add on to it.

Projects that belong to the central always run under a leader or head manager but in the case of BIPs, there is no certain leader though it organizes the Bitcoin community in the absence of the central leader. BIPs is an open-source, consensus-based system. 

BIPs, were created in?

The first-ever BIP was launched in the year 2011 and was created by British-Iranian programmer Amir Taaki. After some years of launching BIP, Bitcoin was launched that was inspired by BIP protocols for changes to the Python language. All the BIPs are available over Github. 

BIPs are open-source systems. And can be proposed by anyone. Although they were built as informal proposals on the Bitcoin email list or some other communication channel. Well, some ideas rain still on the table because Bitcoin was not yet ready for the proposed changes.  

Once the proposal has been assigned a BIP number and published to the Bitcoin Core Github repository of BIPs. BIP is official but yet ready for implementation. 

Different types of BIPs 

Some of the BIPs have the purpose of making changes in the consensus rules of Bitcoin. Following are the BIPs 

  • Consensus BIPs 

These are constructed very carefully, so that can be more compatible to the greatest extent possible. Requires an explicit activation on the Bitcoin network.  

  • Standard BIPs 

Do not propose to change codes to Bitcoin core in a direct manner, but establish a standard to be used by Bitcoin.

  • Process BIPs 

Some of these BIPs are created for bitcoins development. And they usually don’t require any such code changes to Bitcoin software.   

What is Bitcoin?

BIPs is a decentralized cryptocurrency. Was recounted by a person and groups of people using the Alias Satoshi Nakamoto. And was launched in the year 2009. It is an online currency that allows the user to exchange currencies with one another with a proper and similar ratio like the Barter system.

BIPs don’t allow the intermediary to permit or facilitate them. It was created for online payments to be made directly from one party to another party without any interference from the financial institution according to Nakamoto.  

It is the first-ever cryptocurrency to come into actual use.  

Tale of Bitcoin 

The oriniginator of the Bitcoin is Satoshi Nakamoto. Nakamoto published a bitcoins whitepaper, that holds online currency could be implemented. They proposed to implement a decentralized ledger of transactions packed in blocks. 

And are kept secure through a cryptographic algorithm that was later enhanced to the blockchain. On Jan 3, 2009, the first block on the Bitcoin network was mined, and named Genesis block, thud launched the first cryptocurrency.

Although Nakamoto was the original inventor of the bitcoin later on he handed it over to the network alert key and control of the code repository to Gavin Andresen. He later on become the lead developer at the bitcoin foundation. 


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