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CRISPR Therapeutics AG Stock: Revenue shrank by 89% What’s Next?


  • CRISPR stock has been reporting very inconsistent revenue.
  • CRISPR is investing heavily in R&D, and it remains to be seen whether this will pay off in terms of finances. 
  • The current trend is negative with the indicators pointing to a short-term fall in the future

CRISPR Therapeutics AG is a biotech company which is based in Zug, Switzerland is listed on NASDAQ. Founded in 2013, It is a gene editing company which focuses on creating gene-based medicines for fatal diseases. The company uses its main CRISPR/CAS9 technology for enabling its operations. The CEO of CRISPR Therapeutics AG is Samarth Kulkarni.

Some financial highlights of the stock 

The company has made some investments in the R&D sector, leading to expanding losses. The reason for this is the unstable revenue of the company. 

  • The revenue of the last quarter was $1M 
  • The operating margin of the company is -560.23%
  • The net profit of the last financial year end was $-650M
  • The earnings per share of the stock is $-6.71

The Metrics have been calculated as per financial statements provided by macrotrends.net

CRSP Stock Price Action and Forecasting

CRSP stock price started coming down after August 2022, Where it marked a high of $83.79 and since then, it fell in a gradual and constant downtrend. However, the price of CRSP has been very stable from December with low volatility. The price saw some trend reversal by May 2023. 

CRSP Stock Price Action and Forecasting
Chart provided by tradingview.com

Supports and resistances: one immediate support is seen at the level of $47.87, which is confirmed by a good amount of volume. The second support is available at $42.7, which is again supported by volumes that may be able to sustain the downfall.

The immediate resistance is standing at $67 with very low volumes and the second resistance is at the level of $84.13.



The signal line has just been overtaken by the MACD line which indicates that a short-term fall can be expected. although it cannot be confirmed as the difference between the two lines is minimal. 


The  RSI has been falling and currently stands at a level of 37.78. Looking at the previous pattern, a price reversal could be seen if it touches the level of 35. 


Both the EMAs are very close to each other with just a $1 difference, The 50 and 200 EMAs are standing at $56.04 and $57.74, respectively. Here, a price reversal can be seen toward the downtrend.

Both the EMAs and RSI are indicating a short-term downfall. RSI’s historicals are also in favor of the bears. 

If the price bounces from support 1, then some buying would be possible. If a trend reversal occurs, then safe buying will be at the level of $67.79.


CRISPR Therapeutics AG was founded in 2013. The company is based in Switzerland and is listed on NASDAQ. It is a gene editing company which focuses on creating gene-based medicines for fatal diseases. 

The company has been investing heavily in R&D and has been posting inconsistent revenue numbers with net losses. The price looks to be in the downtrend with some supports and resistances in sight.


support: $47.87, $42.73

Resistance: $67.79, $84.13

RSI: 37

50 EMA: $57.04

200 EMA: $56.74


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