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Ethscriptions: Advantages In Decentralized Payment Solutions


  • Ethscription is a digital artifact that is based on the Ethereum blockchain. 
  • It has a decentralized nature and hence, there is no control over any third party on Ethscriptions. 
  • It is compared with traditional NFTs based on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Ethscription is an Ethereum blockchain-based digital artifact and is very similar to NFTs. It has many advantages over Layer 2 solutions and provides cost efficiency, decentralized solutions, consensus mechanisms, and data persistence.  

What Are Ethscriptions? 

These are digital artifacts that exist on the Ethereum blockchain. These can be traded, bought, sold, and stored by Ethereum users. These are very similar to NFTs but stored at the transaction level. These are created by using transaction calldata and have a unique reference identifier for encoding data within Ethereum transactions. Calldata is the data that is passed along with an Ethereum transaction. 

The creator of Ethscriptions was Tom Lehman and he hinted at expanding the protocol to include diverse data types in the future. The launch of Ethscriptions was combined with the introduction of Ethereum Punks to demonstrate how digital collectibles can be stored on Ethereum. There were over 140,000 Ethscriptions within four days of launch. 

The steps of creating an Ethscription include; first, going to the Ethscriptions.com website and click on the “Create Ethscription” option. Then connect an Ethereum wallet application like MetaMask. Images can be uploaded from the laptop once the wallet is connected. Then press the “Ethscribe” button and sign the transaction from their wallet to create the Ethscription. 

These are different from traditional Ethereum NFTs based on storage mechanisms. These are stored on-chain whereas Ethereum-based NFTs store data off-chain. It saves on costs. It has a decentralized nature where no party can control the usage or granting of permissions. Its mechanism adheres to three fundamental principles:

  1. It necessitates the inclusion of distinct and valid data URIs in the input data. 
  2. The sender must be the rightful owner of a legitimate Ethscription transfer. 
  3. The content must not align with the Ethscription found in the prior block.

These have emerged on the scene while embracing the continued excitement around Bitcoin Ordinals and BRC-20 tokens. The destiny of any innovation at last hinges on acceptance within the community. These are carving out a significant niche in the prospective landscape of Ethereum scalability. 

Advantages of Ethscriptions

Ethscriptions have no advantage over token generation and NFTs using smart contracts from a utility and ease-of-use perspective. However, Ethscription’s integration of Ethereum “calldata” provides a cost-effective and decentralized solution. It offers distinct advantages in cost efficiency, data persistence, and consensus mechanism as compared to Layer 2 solutions. 


There are several possibilities for Ethscriptions but this has seen early traction among users. It could just be a short-term attraction for liquidity at a point in time when liquidity within NFTs and the digital collectible market is low. However, its introduction shifted the conversation around NFT innovation back to the Ethereum network after June 2023. Their staying power largely depends on the improvements that are hinted at by creators.   


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