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Multichain NFT Platform COLLE (AI) Launches Beta


Singapore, SG, 8th, May 2024 – COLLE, an innovative platform at the forefront of the digital art revolution, proudly announces the launch of its beta program. This new phase will enable early adopters to explore the unique features of COLLE’s AI-driven NFT platform, which supports multiple blockchain networks including Ethereum, BNB Chain, and Solana.

COLLE’s beta launch marks a significant milestone in making AI-generated digital art more accessible to artists, collectors, and blockchain enthusiasts eager to experience the next level of art creation and trading. The platform uses cutting-edge AI technology to transform user prompts into unique digital artworks that can be minted as NFTs.

The beta program is not just a product release; it is a critical phase for testing and improving COLLE’s offerings based on feedback from beta users. This feedback will be instrumental in refining the platform’s features to better meet the needs of the global digital art market.

As digital art continues to carve its niche in the global art market, COLLE’s innovative approach bridges the gap between artistry and blockchain technology. The platform’s ability to span multiple blockchains enhances its accessibility and versatility, allowing artists and collectors to interact with different networks under a unified system.

Key Features Of COLLE AI:

Cross-Chain Compatibility: Users can mint, buy, and sell NFTs across multiple blockchain networks, maximizing exposure and liquidity.

AI-Powered Creation Tools: Artists can create complex digital artworks using simple text prompts, making digital creation more accessible.

Secure Transaction Protocols: Ensuring the security of transactions with state-of-the-art blockchain security measures.

Community Engagement Tools: Features like forums, voting systems, and artist showcases that promote interaction and community building.

Interested parties are encouraged to sign up to participate in the beta phase to help shape the development of a platform that is set to transform the NFT landscape.

For more information on how to join the beta and to stay updated on COLLE’s progress, visit colle.ai.


COLLE is a multichain AI platform designed to democratize the creation and trading of digital art as NFTs. By integrating advanced AI technologies with user-friendly functionalities, COLLE supports creators from various backgrounds in bringing their digital visions to life.

Media Contact:

Dorothy Marley
KaJ Labs
+1 707-622-6168

Visit us on social media:

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