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NABU: Anti-corruption Bureau Drew a to Fight Crypto Corruption 


  • Providing the largest training course in the history of the bureau.
  • The regulators are teaming up with the United States Embassy for the drive.
  • 250 detectives and analysts have already started to study crypto assets.   


National Anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine has stated that “it is the largest training in the history of the bureau”. They provided information about the training that would be given by experts and specialists in crypto, both domestic and specialists that would be providing the pieces of training.

NABU includes the crypto community representatives and the analytical tool developers. And the session will end in 2024. It promised to develop a channel of cooperation and interaction between key Ukrainian and global crypto exchanges, as well as …..international law enforcement. 

Crypto Crackdown Plan

United States of America mentioned that they would be providing the solutions from blockchain analytics firm Chainalysis to help Ukraine track Russia sanctions evaders. 

The government is planning to bring new EU-inspired crypto regulations until the end of this year, politicians have claimed it.  

A New Phase 

NABU, Ukraine launched a new phase of the massive corruption campaign in February. After dismissing officials and having conducted searches on the high-level profiles.to boost public morale and preserve international support for the country.

It occurred in the same month, two days before the European Union in Kyiv. Ukrainian authorities are investigating current and former top officials of the defense and energy ministries and the tax, among others. The corruption cases were against the top officials initially. The time when it was totally possible to rob the states with impunity and undermine their combat readiness has passed and passed a long time ago.   

NABU- National Anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine,

The ambassador of France, visited  Ukraine met with the bureau’s leader and detectives and learned about the operations of the forensic IT Laboratory and E-case MS electronic criminal proceedings system.

The director has shown gratitude for the support from the G& countries and France in particular. He says the bureau’s current activities and outlines the footsteps to strengthen the institution’s effectiveness. 

It is planning to expand its staff. While work is underway on these changes, NABU is looking for resources within the institution and has freed up to 20 positions for detectives and operatives.  This enables the establishment of a separate detectives department based in Dnipro.   


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