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Navigating Crypto Gaming In Blockchain 


  • Crypto games with a play-to-earn feature are increasing the popularity of blockchain.
  • Enhanced security, safer transactions, and authentic ownership are some of the reasons for the surge. 

Crypto and blockchain are on the rise. Day by day, it’s becoming more popular than video games. Some of the metaverse tokens are more than any startups. 

But how is crypto gaming becoming so popular and gaining evaluation in real financial markets? Let’s dive deeper into crypto gaming to understand the entire concept!  

What Is Crypto Gaming? 

Crypto gaming has similar concepts to online video games. In crypto games, players are rewarded with crypto assets. These crypto assets or digital assets can be in-game items, avatars, virtual real estate, and other gaming items. 

For example, Axie Infinity, one of the popular cute monster games, is a blockchain-based game. In the game, players create NFTs of cute monsters and then pit monsters against each other. Multiple in-game items, like Smooth Love Potion (SLP), pets, etc., can be traded and allow users to make money over time.

All these items can only be bought or sold through NFTs. The blockchain is used to ensure safe transactions.

How Does Crypto Gaming Work? 

Blockchain-based systems are popular because of their play-to-earn nature. Although the play-to-earn concept isn’t new, blockchain-based payment methods are more secure and reliable. Players earn incentives through selling game items, killing certain enemies, winning battles, etc.

The task depends on the nature of the games. Similarly, some games have tokens. These tokens have a high value in the crypto market. MANA is a token of decent land with a market capitalization of Rs143 Billion. 

All in all, crypto games are considered a trusted method to earn via playing. However, the nature of crypto games determines how people will earn through gaming. To understand better, let’s have a look at the types of crypto games:

  • Crypto-based gambling and casinos

Mega Dice, BC games and Metaspins are some of the popular crypto-based gambling games.

  • Collectible games and NFTs

Sorare, Blockchain-Based Cuties and Axie Infinity are some of the top NFT-based crypto games. 

  • Play-to-earn games

Chimpanzee, Ecoterra and Tamadoge are some of the best examples of P2E crypto-based games. 

How Is Blockchain Revolutionizing The Gaming Industry? 

Crypto gaming is built on the concept of earning via video games. This concept isn’t new; it’s gaining more popularity than traditional games. Let’s find out what the factors are that are making the crypto gaming industry popular:

  • Secure Transaction 

Blockchain transactions are cryptographic transactions. These transactions are immutable and can be alerted easily. Secure and transparent transactions are encouraging players to invest in gaming assets.

  • Ensure ownership 

Providing the secure and transparent nature of blockchain-based systems confirms the ownership of in-game assets. Another advantage is that the game asset allows users to sell, buy, and trade as per players” choice. 

  • Passive Income 

Video games introduced the concept of making through gaming but crypto games are making it more real. Crypto games reward players based on completing tasks. As a result, gamers are taking more interest in blockchain-based gaming. 


Crypto games come with various rewards, incentives, and passive income options. The play-to-earn model made crypto gaming more valuable. Multiple billion-dollar crypto games are ruling the market. Anxie Infinity is one such game. 

In conclusion, crypto games are not only revolutionizing traditional gaming methods but also developing as a way to earn money. 


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