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NFT marketplace for selling your AI art in 2024


  • NFT marketplace provides the best opportunity for creators to earn a profit on their work
  • The rise of NFTs has propelled the growth of the NFT marketplace

In the last few years, the popularity and rise of NFTs have exceeded all expectations regarding it. They have introduced a new dimension to the crypto space investors have been waiting for. The artists and creators benefit the most from the NFTs marketplace. The NFT marketplace allows them to sell their digital assets and make a hefty profit out of it. There is almost no limitation when it comes to NFT space, as its universe keeps on expanding with no boundaries. But if you are a creator, choosing it is quite an important choice. You need to choose a market that ideally suits all your requirements and the digital assets you have created. Therefore, in this article, you will find a list of NFT marketplaces where you can sell your AI art in 2024.

NFT marketplaces
  • NFT marketplace OpenSea

The first one on our list of best NFT marketplaces in 2024 is none other than OpenSea. One of the prime reasons behind the popularity of OpenSea is the diverse range of NFTs you can find here. From art to music and photography to digital collectibles, each one can be found on the OpenSea platform. Moreover, to make it more seamless for people to buy and trade NFTs, it accepts almost 150 different cryptocurrencies. Compared to other platforms on this, it is simple and efficient to use. 

  • NFT marketplace Variable

Rarible has made quite the name across the NFT marketplace due to its highly adaptable asset mining capabilities. Most importantly, the platform of Rarible is entirely decentralized and driven by the community, unlike others. It also offers a royalty grant program on all NFTs you sell using this platform. You will get some of the shares when others sell your NFTs. 

  • NFT marketplace Decentraland

Compared to other NFT marketplaces in this list, the decentral was created in 2020. This platform’s users are heavily prioritized, as their views are heard daily. In addition, decentral is one of the safest NFT marketplaces, as each asset is stored within its Ethereum-based smart contract. Moreover, the users can vote for policy changes or features across the platform. 

  • Pexagy

The play-to-earn digital game is one reason why Pexagy made itself famous across the NFT marketplace. You can earn money digitally by purchasing or racing a horse on the platform. A race of 11 players is conducted wherein you manage to take any spot between the top three. You will be able to earn VIS, the utility token of Pexagy. 

  • Blur

Launched back in October 2022, Blur is one of the most recent additions in the space of the NFT marketplace. Using this platform, you pick any NFT you want and compare it with others that fit the same criteria. Unlike other platforms in this list, it can also scan and find out the best NFTs for you to purchase. 


Choosing an NFT marketplace is difficult when you have so many options present in front of you. Therefore, to simplify things, the list above can help you pick the best NFT marketplace. 


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