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Ripple – Leading the crypto world for its advanced solutions


Source: The Coin Republic

  • Ripple helps in cross-border payments by acting like SWIFT
  • Ripple has its own native currency, called XRP operating on XRP Ledger

Ripple is a leading crypto-enabled solution provider. It helps banks and businesses to make their cross border payments easier and seamless. Launched in 2004, as a RipplePay, it has an interesting story with its name. In 2012, It was rebranded as Opencoin. Further, In 2014, it was renamed its Labs. Finally, it was in 2015, when it was named Ripple. 

However, Ripple got famous when the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed a lawsuit against it. Its native currency, called XRP, is positioned as 6th rank according to coin market cap (CMC). The company also helps countries to launch their own CBDCs by offering a comprehensive platform. It is currently talking with more than 20 countries on CBDC plans.


Ripple’s native currency is called XRP. It works on XRP Ledger which is a decentralized technology. It is an open-source digital asset that helps in the network of Ripple for transaction purposes. The ripple charges 0.00001 XRP as standard fees for cross-border transactions.

It has a market cap of $ 26.47 billion.

XRP Ledger

It is an open-source, permissionless, and decentralized blockchain technology that can facilitate transactions as fast as up to 3 to 5 seconds. The ledger is distributed and is powering innovative technology across the payments space. It can handle up to 1,500 transactions per second. It is decentralized and run by a global network of 150+ validators. It is also energy efficient and is carbon-neutral.

Ripple Net

Ripple Net is a group of networks that enable financial institutions to send money globally, instantly, reliably, and fastly. The network helps customers quickly access new markets, expand their service and deliver the best experience in global payments. Ripple Net customers can take the benefit of On-Demand Liquidity. On-Demand Liquidity enables customers to leverage the digital asset XRP to bridge two currencies in 3 seconds. It ensures payments are quickly sent and received in local currency on either side of the transaction.

Ripple’s CBDC Platform

Ripple has also launched its CBDC platform first in 2021 for CBDC issuance. It was launched with the purpose to meet the needs of central banks, financial institutions, governments, and commercial banks. Ripple is currently talking with more than 20 countries on CBDC plans.

Ripple v/s Securities Exchange Commission (SEC)

Ripple is engaged in a legal battle with the SEC as it has filed a lawsuit against it on December 22, 2020. The case subject is that Ripple Labs’ executive has traded $1.3 billion in their XRP token as security without registering it as a security with the commission. However, it has countered the claims, arguing that the SEC has been biased in its statement.

The SEC uses the ‘Howey test” to determine whether a cryptocurrency is a security. An asset is considered a security if it is sold with the expectation of getting profits from the efforts of other parties. While most companies engaged with SEC in the same matter would have decided to settle, Ripple decided to fight.

The result of the case will have a great effect on the crypto world. However, If it wins, the SEC could lose its credibility. On the other hand, If the SEC wins the case, then it will charge a huge amount to Ripple and many crypto firms may get affected.


To begin with, Ripple is leading the crypto space with its advanced solutions. Its native currency, XRP, is also doing great in the crypto market. The XRP Ledger provides a competitive edge among the competitors. It has many future projects that will help him to lead the crypto space. However, engaging in a case with the SEC is also a subject matter for it. In a volatile market like crypto, things change faster than we expect. 


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