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The DeeStream Platform Encourages ATOM & TAO Backers to Reduce Twitch’s Dominance


People are hyped about DeeStream, a new online streaming platform that uses blockchain technology. It’s getting a lot of attention from investors worldwide, especially those with Cosmos and Bittensor in their wallets. Lately, Cosmos and Bittensor have shown bearish price action, and the overall crypto markets have shown the same characteristics.

Despite all this, analysts are predicting that DeeStream could grow by a whopping 100X! That’s got investors rushing in. Another reason investors are taking a chance on DeeStream is the high volatility in the crypto market.

Frax Stablecoin Brings DeFi Power to Cosmos Users

The Frax token (FRAX) is a stablecoin. It is backed by cryptocurrency and pegged to the U.S. dollar, along with its staked version, sFRAX. It will now be part of the Cosmos ecosystem through Noble. Frax Finance has joined hands with Noble, a chain for issuing assets. This move aims to spread its reach from just Ethereum to the Cosmos system, which includes around 80 blockchains.

The Cosmos ecosystem is growing, meaning more opportunities for using FRAX and sFRAX. They can be used in many ways, such as trading, saving, paying for things, and providing collateral. Plus, being part of Cosmos gives people a decentralized option to USDC.

Bittensor Trading at Crucial Resistance Zone

Bittensor has also taken a big hit due to the ongoing correction in the crypto market. It is down nearly 26% from the last swing high of $765.87. After breaking the support zone, it’s again retesting the same level. This time, an ascending trendline is working as a potential resistance. The overall sentiment of the coin looks slightly bearish. However, the market’s direction will further decide the direction of the coin.

Bittensor is a cryptocurrency project that aims to create a decentralized marketplace for machine learning. Fueled by the TAO token, this network allows machine learning models to train collaboratively and be rewarded for their contribution. Users can access and leverage the network’s insights while influencing its operations with TAO.

DeeStream Stage 2 Presale Launch Takes Off

DeeStream is like a trailblazer in the world of online streaming. It’s using blockchain technology to create a new way of streaming content online. It wants to provide an alternative to big platforms like Twitch and Kick without a central authority controlling everything. DeeStream gives more power to the people creating content, including streamers and creators. They can have more control over their money and how they earn and use it.

Now, DeeStream is aiming to make a mark in the $160 billion global live-streaming industry. Right now, during its presale, you can get DST tokens for a starting price of $0.06 at stage 2. The presale has six stages, each with a slightly higher price. So, early investors might make a profit even before the tokens hit the public exchanges.

Find out more about the DeeStream  presale by visiting the website here


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