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UAE Dirham Stablecoin DRAM Launches on Uniswap and PancakeSwap


  • Distributed Technologies Research (DTR) introduces DRAM, a stablecoin backed by the UAE dirham, offering stability in a volatile crypto landscape.
  • DRAM recently joined the Uniswap and PancakeSwap platforms, expanding its reach in the world of decentralized finance (DeFi).

In a dynamic move within the cryptocurrency ecosystem, Distributed Technologies Research (DTR) has unveiled DRAM, a stablecoin that stands out due to its robust backing by the UAE dirham. DRAM’s objective is to bring stability to the often turbulent world of cryptocurrencies, offering a reliable digital asset linked to the UAE’s fiat currency. The recent listing of DRAM on the prominent DeFi platforms Uniswap and PancakeSwap marks a significant milestone in the journey of blockchain-based financial instruments.

The Birth of DRAM: A Dirham-Pegged Innovation

Building Trust with Regulation: DRAM emerges as an Ethereum-based ERC-20 token, issued by Dram Trust, headquartered in Hong Kong. What sets DRAM apart is its adherence to regulatory standards. An independent trustee, under the purview of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, plays a pivotal role in ensuring compliance, adding a layer of transparency and security that sets DRAM apart.

Fiat Reserves for Stability: Regulatory norms mandate that dirham fiat reserves must be deposited before any DRAM tokens can be created. These reserves are securely held in regulated financial institutions, providing an additional level of assurance to DRAM holders.

Crossing Borders and Exchanges

Regulatory Constraints: Presently, DTR is unable to offer DRAM within Hong Kong or the UAE due to regulatory requirements. However, negotiations are underway to provide liquidity for DRAM on centralized exchanges outside of these jurisdictions, potentially widening its global footprint.

The Technological Tapestry of DRAM

Multi-Blockchain Presence: DRAM’s ecosystem spans multiple blockchain networks, including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Arbitrum, catering to diverse user preferences and requirements.

From Unit-e to DRAM: DTR’s Evolution

Roots in Switzerland: Distributed Technologies Research (DTR) has a history dating back to its founding in Switzerland in 2019. During this phase, DTR developed Unit-e, a decentralized payments system that garnered significant support from esteemed academic institutions such as Stanford University, MIT, and the University of Illinois. It was during this period that the seeds of DRAM were sown.

A Solution for Economic Uncertainties

Global Economic Challenges: DRAM’s debut coincides with a time when numerous nations grapple with economic instability, rampant inflation, and the devaluation of their currencies. While DRAM may not actively market in the UAE, it is anticipated to attract considerable interest from companies operating in the region, offering them a secure and reliable alternative amid economic uncertainties.

The UAE’s Rise in the Crypto Landscape

A Regulatory Haven: The UAE is swiftly emerging as a global hub for cryptocurrency and Web3 technologies. Its progressive regulatory frameworks are fostering financial innovation and the widespread adoption of digital assets, attracting major players in the cryptocurrency industry, including Coinbase and Binance.


DRAM’s introduction represents a significant stride toward stability in the cryptocurrency domain. It provides users and nations with a dependable anchor in the midst of the often turbulent crypto landscape. With its stringent regulatory adherence, innovative approach, and strategic listings on prominent DeFi platforms, DRAM is poised to play a pivotal role in the stablecoin ecosystem. 

As it finds its place in the world of decentralized finance, DRAM not only offers stability to users but also contributes to the growing influence of the UAE in the global cryptocurrency arena.


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