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Verizon Stock Price: Will VZ Rebound From Here?


  • Verizon stock price has been below the 20, 50, and 200- days Exponential Moving Average.
  • Verizon’s stock price is currently trading at $37.19.
  • Verizon (VZ)’s live market cap is $156.66 billion.

Verizon Stock Trend Analysis

Verizon Stock analyzing the chart it is clear that Verizon’s stock price is currently in a sustained decline momentum that started in November 2020. Over the course of a year, a significant 39% fall in price has been caused by this steady decline. This sequence of lower lows highlights the prevalent disapproval around Verizon and points to a weakening market structure.

The stock is currently trading within touching distance of $34.51 which serves as a crucial support level. This is an important level as if the price fails to maintain at this level it could potentially lead to a sudden and dramatic downward movement. Because of this, traders and investors are urged to proceed with caution and avoid opening any positions too soon.

Verizon (VZ) Stock Price Analysis

Verizon VZ Stock Price Analysis
Source: VZ/USD.1W.NYSE by TradingView

Verizon’s share price is currently trading below the 20, 50, and 200-day EMA levels, showing a bearish view and signaling that the price will probably continue to fall. This finding is important since it emphasizes how negatively people feel about the stock.

This bearish outlook is further supported by the MACD indicator because a red histogram is developing and the MACD line is still below the signal line. This pattern of price fluctuation indicates a negative trend and potential downward pressure.

Additionally, because the RSI line is still above the SMA line and has not yet hit the oversold region, the RSI indicator lends support to the idea of negative momentum. This suggests that there is still room for price decline, strengthening the pessimistic outlook.

The stock of Verizon’s dropping volume also contributes to the argument for negative momentum.


In conclusion, Verizon’s stock analysis shows a dim future. Currently, the price is below important moving averages, indicating a potential further decrease. With the MACD line below the signal line and a red histogram, the MACD indicator displays a bearish pattern. As long as the RSI line is above the SMA line, the negative momentum is also supported by the RSI indicator. In general, prudence is suggested when thinking about investing in Verizon’s stock because the signs indicate a persistent negative trend.

Technical Levels:

  • Support – The current support level of Verizon (VZ) is $34.51.
  • Resistance -The current resistance level of the Verizon (VZ) is $42.55.


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