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Will Messaging in Web3 Wallets be the Doom of WhatsApp?


  • Etherscan and Coinbase are in a continuous effort to develop software that allows anonymous text messaging within the Web3 wallets.
  • These messaging wallets will maintain the safety and anonymity of the user, due to which people might shift from WhatsApp to Web3 messaging.

With continuous advancements in the Web3 industry, two of the major players in the market, Etherscan and Coinbase, have developed software that allows fast, secure, and anonymous text messaging by employing the Ethereum Name Services (ENS) domain. 

The creation of this groundbreaking technology in the Web3 space can redesign the whole communication network between crypto enthusiasts. It offers a wide range of use cases, from NFT trading negotiations to establishing fruitful community relations. 

Web3 Wallets as Decentralized Messaging Platforms

Ethereum Name Service Domain is not a new concept, it has been around for a while now and is recognized as one of the pivotal tools for simplifying the world of cryptocurrencies. This technology allows users to associate human-like names with Ethereum addresses. This replaces the need for lengthy cryptographic strings with memorable identifiers.

Etherscan and Coinbase are making continuous efforts to enhance the utility of this technology beyond address resolution. Both Web3 firms are developing features that can harness the power of ENS domains to provide safe, secure, and anonymous text messaging.

Use Cases of Web3 Wallets as Messaging Platforms

  • NFT Trading Negotiations

Integration of text messaging in Web3 through Ethereum Name Services can accelerate seamless negotiations between parties interested in buying or selling NFTs. Through this, the buying and selling entities can maintain privacy and security while discussing prices, terms, and conditions.

  • Community alerts and Notifications

With the installation of a new messaging system, project teams can convey relevant information to their team members in a systematic manner. This ensures that the members receive relevant and timely information without compromising their privacy or being exposed to risks.

  • Building strong connections at events

This feature can come in handy at Ethereum conferences and meet-ups. Crypto aficionados can use this to build connections within the community, exchange information, and seamlessly set up meetings. The layer of anonymity ensures a secure and seamless flow of communication among the attendees.

  • Maintains anonymity in personal communication

By using this technology, users can communicate with each other without revealing their identities. This helps build connections based on shared interests and ideologies rather than traditional identifiers.

Will this Abolish WhatsApp’s Existence?

This technology is expected to hamper the operations of traditional messaging platforms like WhatsApp. The new technology that boasts security and anonymity and is built into the Web3 wallets empowered by the ENS technology offers a distinctive substitute for traditional messaging platforms.

With each passing day, users are becoming more and more privacy-centric. Thus, the pseudonymous and encrypted nature of Web3 messaging might be more appealing to them. This may potentially result in users shifting from traditional messaging platforms like WhatsApp to Web3 messaging platforms.

As we discussed above, the use cases presented by Ehterscan and Coinbase, like NFT negotiations, community building, etc., highlight the flexibility and versatility of the Web3 messaging system, making it an attractive project for crypto aficionados.


All in all, it can be said that fostering accountable adoption and usage, will be beneficial for the industry to harness the true potential of this innovation while mitigating its potential shortcomings. As the Web3 space continues to evolve, it will be intriguing to witness how this innovation shapes the Web3 landscape as a whole.


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