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Decentralization in WOO Network and Cryptocurrency Marketplace 


  • WOO Network works on centralization and decentralization of finances.
  • Stablecoins hold an important place in The future of the crypto marketplace.
  • Woo Network makes it easy for customers to make payments. 

Woo Network is a cryptocurrency liquidity network in the Decentralized(WOOFi) and centralized( WOO X) markets. Mark Pimentel founded it in the year 2019 in Taipei, Taiwan. Woo was introduced on the Ethereum network; it has adopted new trends. It also has interoperability between chains, basically cross-chain bridges enabling it to exist on Polygon, Solana, and others.

WOO Network and its Schematics 

It also has a token, WOO, introduced in 2019 at $0.4016. Its highest price was $1.66 in 2021, far below its launching price of $0.2285C. Its current circulating supply is $1.7 Billion, and its maximum supply is $2.25 Billion.    

Factors that Make WOO Network Stand Out

  • It deals with all kinds of networks, whether centralized or decentralized. 
  • WOO network has a unique strategy, the anti-bug program, where customers who point out the bugs are rewarded.
  • WOO has top-class analytics tools that give its competitors a run for their coins.
  • WOO is also launching its launchpad, which would help one invest in new projects. 

Along with Kronos Research, it has developed its strategies about liquidity by teaching them with leading firms in finance. It coordinated with centralized firms, but recently, it has stepped into the de-centralized domain, mainly the WOO network.

There is an inflection point that is going on in the market where the bitcoin prices have risen since the Crypto winter. Markets have somewhat stabilized and are on the rise, with the Bitcoin reaching its value of around $30,000 in April and its linear motion in May. All in all, it has stabilized. 

Crypto Marketplace and Stablecoins 

But there is an inflection point that is supposed to be upward for the market, and the crypto rates may be increased in due time. It creates an opportunity for the marketplaces and products related to it to be relevant and scale.

Crypto markets should rise after this infection point if it goes up. Interchain blockchain transactions would also occur, making the transaction process much faster.

Stablecoins will also play a huge role in this particular phase. If the market rises and responds to stablecoins, it would be considered a link between Tradfi and Crypto. Once this comes to rolling, more pathways will be open for development in this field. 

One of the most promising stablecoins is TetherUSDT.

And there is also the example of the famous TerraLUNA of the biggest crash in crypto. So in all, there is a neutral standpoint for stablecoins, but they still hold a significant place when it comes to transitioning from Traditional finance.

With all the factors surrounding the flow of decentralized finance through channels like WOO network is one that customers are looking for. It would provide ease in the exchange of crypto through all other platforms. Interoperability of transactions between different chains would be feasible too.


The views and opinions stated by the author, or any people named in this article, are for informational purposes only and do not establish financial, investment, or other advice. Investing in NFTs comes with a risk of financial loss.


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