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Friend.tech: New Player in Decentralized Social Media


  • Friend.tech has navigated the intersection of Social media and crypto trading
  • The top 10 creators on Friend.tech have earned 14.7% of total royalties

Friend.tech is a next-gen social media app. It functions on Coinbase’s base chain, which is a layer 2 blockchain offering the perk of minimal gas fees and quick transactions. It has gained the attention of many crypto enthusiasts. Friend.tech allows users to enter by linking their Twitter (X) account.

Evolution Of Social Media And The Emergence of Friend.tech

Social media has evolved rapidly over time, especially in the last decade or so. However, the 21st century hasn’t seen half of the innovations that it will have under its belt by the end of it. Initially, platforms such as Friendster, MySpace, Orkut and later Facebook (Meta) came into existence, hitting a lot of traffic.

The landscape reshaped, evolved further and pivoted its path towards mobile-centric platforms such as Twitter (X), Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok, widening the possibilities and boundaries of online interaction. The question that is filled with curiosity is: What’s the next evolution that can further shift the digital paradigm? Decentralized social apps and platforms, such as BlueSky and Mastodon, are energizing the digital ecosystem.

The new player in the market is ‘Friend.tech’, which has all the potential to supersede the former decentralized social platforms, given that it has a unique x-factor or a twist to it. The twist is its integration with prominent cryptocurrency elements. The slogan “the marketplace for your friends” portrays a certain exclusivity in the minds of its users.

Models of Friend.tech

Friend.tech, the brainchild of renowned developer Racer (@0xRacerAlt), bridges the gap between digital socializing and cryptocurrency finance. This is being helmed as a revolutionary innovation, giving the crypto community users the chance to interact seamlessly in a decentralized ecosystem.

Platforms like Telegram or WeChat allow users to form and join groups, whereas Friend.tech facilitates the integration of an organic and market-driven mechanism. To join any private chat room, one must first acquire a ‘key,’ which is linked to the user’s account. Key in itself is a monetary value that validates an individual’s digital presence.

Users now have access to the linkage of social interactions with financial stakes, in addition to the chat room access granted by Key. Just as stocks function based on demand and engagement, the prices of these group shares change. Depending on the user’s popularity and magnitude of group engagement, users are empowered to monetize their digital presence, along with the perk of utilizing social interactions.

One of the aberrant things about Friend.tech, however, is that it is not immune to speculative aspects. This is probably common with almost every digital asset and Friend.tech is no exception. It’s integrated with cryptocurrency, after all. As the traction increases, the group share price rise can come across as a mere delusion as a potential prospect.


Friend.tech is much more than just a networking site and is being put up as a formidable platform that marries social media rituals with the dynamic ecosystem of cryptocurrencies.


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