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Pendle Finance’s Top 5 Profitable Pools


  • Pendle Finance is one of the prominent names in LSD-fi (Liquid Staking Derivatives finance), which serves as a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform that offers users high profits in the form of tradable tokens.
  • It is easy to use and Pendle liquidity provision service is fairly simple. 
  • The pool based on which liquidity is to be provided can be decided by the user based on their objective behind the investment, risk appetite and state of the market. 

The Pendle platform also provides strategies and market insights regarding favorable pools to invest in, along with real-time risk measures and historical data. Here are the top 5 profitable pools on Pendle Finance.

anKrETH-wstETH Pool

The annual percentage yield (APY) of this pool stands at a whopping 30.17 %. The pool belongs to the Ethereum Chain. The final annual percentage yield sum includes swap fees, Native yields and Pendle yields along with the initial APY. It is estimated that the total liquidity of this pool in 2024 will easily cross $2 Million, making it quite a beneficial option for users intending to yield profit in the long term.

Stargate USDT Pool

Stargate USDT is one of the major liquidity pools in the Pendle Ecosystem. With an annual percentage yield of 15.3%, it is a formidable Ethereum Chain Pool. Stargate USDT Pool has a good use case and that is the prime reason behind its valuable yields. As of now, Stargate USDT has a 17% boost in APY. It has a lower swap fee than anKrETH-wstETH Pool. 

fUSDC Pool

fUSDC Pool stands at an annual percentage yield of 17.6 % and a boosted APY of 11% at the time of this writing. With an estimated total liquidity of 2.9 million dollars by 2024, fUSDC is an enticing option for customers with Nascent prospects and long-term yields. fUSDC Pool also operates on the Ethereum Chain.

swETH Pool

swETH Pool’s liquidity has been estimated to shoot up to a whopping $16.21 Million by 2024. The magnitude of its value suggests that it has been one of the top choices for Investors and under Pendle Finance, this has been one of the most buzzing Pools lately. The annual percentage yield of swETH stands at a decent 18.6% and as of now, the boost in APY has been around 15%. However, the appetite risk is fairly high in this one if somebody is looking to gain short-term yields out of it. Therefore, it is preferred to only prioritize swETH Pool for investment if an individual is in it for the long term.

anKrBNB Pool

anKrBNB Pool is one of the rare pools in the Pendle Ecosystem that runs on the BNB Chain instead of Ethereum. The annual percentage yield that this pool gained was second best to anKrETH pool with an outstanding 22.3 % APY. From a fundamental point of view, Pendle had a good use case and anKrBNB Pool has been one of the top pools that have contributed to Pendle’s overall finances.


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