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WALMART Stock Price: Will WMT Make New All-Time High?


  • WALMART INC. stock price has sat up above the 20, 50, and 200- days Exponential Moving Average.
  • WALMART INC.’s stock price is currently trading at $154.28.
  • WALMART INC. (WMT)’s live market cap is $415.45 billion.

Walmart Inc. is a global retail company known for its wide chain of grocery stores, outlet malls, and discount departmental stores. Sam Walton established Walmart in 1962, and it has since grown to rank among the biggest stores on the planet.

Sam’s Club warehouses, Walmart Neighbourhood Markets, and Walmart Supercenters are just a few of the different store types that Walmart runs. It provides many things including food, clothing, electronics, household goods, and more. The company’s retail operations are spread out throughout the United States and many other nations.

Trend Analysis

The stock price of Walmart is showing a strong rising momentum that is pushing it toward a new all-time high, according to the recent chart. Notably, Walmart experienced an amazing peak in April 2022 of $160.77 before falling 27% in the following month. This loss, though, turned out to be only momentary as the price established support at $117.47 level, beginning a notable reversal and forming higher highs over the course of the following year.

Walmart’s stock price is on a hopeful trajectory as a result of this extraordinary turnaround, and it may eventually surpass its previous all-time high. Walmart’s stock has a positive overall structure and pattern giving investors hope for a sustained uptrend. 

WALMART INC. (WMT) Stock Price Analysis

Source: WMT/USD.1W.NASDAQ by TradingView

The 20, 50, and 100-day Exponential Moving Averages (EMA) for WALMART INC. are lying below the price which is a positive sign and prices might go in a positive direction.

The MACD line and the signal line are both place above the baseline and a green histogram is form. This possibly suggests that the market is in uptrend momentum.

RSI is near to 59 levels and it has not yet enter into the oversold zone trajectory which signifies there is momentum left for Walmart to cover.


In conclusion, the price of WALMART INC.’s stock is showing favorable trends right now, and further price increase is expect in the near future. 

These factors, including the advantageous EMA placement, the bullish MACD configuration, and the absence of overbought conditions in the RSI, strongly suggest a positive outlook for the price of WALMART INC.’s shares.

Technical Levels:

  • Support – The current support level of WALMART INC. (WMT) is $117.47.
  • Resistance -The current resistance level of WALMART INC. (WMT) is $158.23.


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